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01 September 2013 @ 05:35 pm
Leigh!fic | False Hope (1/1) | Fred Weasley/Angelina Johnson  
Title: False Hope (1/1)
Author: Leigh, aka leigh_adams
Characters: Fred Weasley/Angelina Johnson
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 736
Summary: Normal twenty year olds didn't think about death.
Author’s Notes: Written for fiery_flamingo as part of my Spring 2013 Drabble Meme which has now turned into the Spring/Summer/Fall 2013 Drabble meme. Sam, this is not the story I set out to write for you, but it’s all I could think of. Sorry for abusing your prompt so terribly, but I hope you like it!

Normal twenty year olds didn't think about death. They thought about university and going on dates; what sorts of drinks they'd get at the pub later that night, whether or not those cute shoes were going to go on sale anytime soon.

They didn't shuffle from safe house to safe house, staying one step ahead of the Snatchers. They didn't know the quickest way to cauterize a wound when there weren't Healers available. They didn't constantly worry if their parents were safe in hiding with the parents of other Muggleborn Order members.

Angelina was bloody sick of it. She wanted normal, dammit. She wanted to shag her boyfriend in a proper bed -- their bed. She wanted to fight with her mum over something stupid again. She wanted to have a pint at the pub and not constantly look over her shoulder for Snatchers.

By the time the call came for Dumbledore's Army to assemble, she welcomed it. Confidence from surviving several near-death experiences was running strong. Two weeks prior, she and the boys had somehow managed to dodge a blind curse from Scabior’s little gang. Nearly singed her eyebrows off, but Fred had pushed her out of the way just in time. He’d joked it off later, saying how having one more ear than his twin gave him an advantage. He’d heard the curse coming.

She’d yelled at him for risking himself for her. He’d laughed and kissed her quiet.

Bursting out of the Room of Requirement with Katie and Ali at her side, she’d felt invincible. Adrenaline was running strong, giving the Muggleborn witch an extra boost. She wanted those fucking bigots pay for every last second she’d been afraid for her life.

Angelina Johnson was a strong, confident (borderline cocky) woman. No one made her felt fear and got away with it.

Curses flew, walls crumbled, children screamed. It was pure chaos -- she’d lost track of Fred in the fight; last she’d seen, he and George were heading towards the roof. But back to back with her closest girlfriends, Angelina fought like a tiger cornered.

Katie took a Slashing Curse to the face and dropped to the ground. With a roar of fury, Angelina went toe-to-toe with the masked fucker while Ali covered Katie’s body protectively. It was a mindless rage, the need to dole out retribution for her fallen friend. She would not lose Katie because some pureblooded bigot with an idiotic sense of zeal was hex-happy.

She wouldn’t lose anyone. It was a child’s hope -- the odds were stacked so high against them. But it kept her going.

A curse hit her opponent in the back, and he crumpled like a rock. Angie flashed her ‘savior’ a quick grin -- but Oliver had already turned away to face another fighter. She turned to help Ali pull Katie to her feet, supporting their semi-conscious friend between them.

When this was all over, she decided in that dusty corridor as she stepped over a fallen Death Eater -- giving his body an extra kick to the face, just for good measure -- they were going to get out there. Travel for a year. Her cousin had taken a gap year to Patagonia, though Angie didn’t really fancy spending time with llamas and wildlife. Maybe they’d go to America -- she’d always wanted to visit New York City. The city that never slept. She wanted to explore the world with Fred at her side.

But first, she was going to snog her boyfriend senseless. Then, she’d take him home and rip all his clothes off. It was the least they both deserved, really, after all this.

The thought put an extra bit of spirit in her step. They were so fucking close.

Soon it would be over, and then life could begin again.

Samanthafiery_flamingo on September 2nd, 2013 02:47 pm (UTC)
Aw, I liked it. I think you did good with the prompt (whatever it was *yawnblerghsleepy*). Angie was fierce and hopeful but you know the blow is coming.

Thankies for my present. :D